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May 15, 2020

Jack and Joe from Analog Alien Guitar Pedals are back for Season 2 of their podcast show - SOUND DIFFERENT. 

In Season 1, we focused on our full line of Analog Alien pedals - how they sound and how you can get the most out of them. 

In Season 2, we thought we’d take a different approach and interview some of the people that we know in both the pro audio business and in the music world. 

In this podcast, we interview Glenn Coleman of Coleman Audio. If you’re into recording, then chances are you have some of Glenn’s gear already. Glenn started out in the audio business way back in the day - in fact it was 1970 to be exact.  Back then It was a different time for music and for the pro audio world as well. 

In the 70’s, Glenn worked for MCI and made some of the best sounding consoles and multi-track records at that time. Glenn has also maintained some of the biggest studios in the world!  His stories are interesting, fun and fascinating to listen to. You’ll even hear stories about Woodstock, which Glenn attended and in fact almost caught Pete Townshend’s guitar! 


If you’re interested in the music or pro audio business, then please join us for this podcast as we go down memory lane and hear what it was actually like to work in the audio business back in it’s heyday, and what also led Glenn to start his own pro audio company - Coleman Audio.